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Healthier Teeth or How To Avoid Costly Dental Repairs and Root Canals

by Nadine Artemis - tooth care expert

I.  Necessary nutrients for healthy teeth, gums and skin:


A. Vit K, A, D, Chia seeds,  Horsetail tea

B. Do not rely on calcium supplements; they causes damage to enamel   Teeth utilize calcium from plants

C. Eliminate sugar/softdrinks, which allow sugar saliva to adhere to teeth and corupt the enamel

D. Necessary Nutrients for teeth health:

1. Cilica foods(hair, skin, teeth, mineral foods),

2. Phosporus foods, magnesium

3. (chocolate); plant foods creates calcium for teeth

a. Green drink foods:  make us alkaline;

b. alkaline water (mouth) saves our teeth

E. Toothpaste: not beneficial; even health toothpaste ; oils coat teeth adds chemicals, producing acidic mouth

F.  Brush AM AND PM

G. Want mouth alkaline - brush after citrus juices

a. 1 qt jar -   16 oz of Spring water + 09022010210415 organic sea salt

b. Sit beside sink; use as rinse for 1-2 mins & gargle

II. Scrape tongue daily - then brush teeth/gargle

**Mouthwash creates atmosphere for oral cancer -

III. ionization program eliminates 80% of plaque -  or use Soft brush - never horizontially - softly
a.  Top gum down; bottom gum upwards causes gum line to NOT recede, but will grow back when properly brushed
and nourished

IV. Use electric or soft brush - Oral D rechargeable -

a. add 1 drop serum, polish or baking soda to Create alkaline mouth

b. use aluminum free baking soda to Whiten teeth.

c. Yogi SERUM encourages alkaline mouth and healthy gums and teeth.

d. Healthy gum drops: Plant based, anti-fungal and anti-viral which pass thru immediately into gums tp heal and eradicate infection

e.  Oregano, tyme lineol, rose, seabuckcranberry, are good essence oils for mouth

f. Apply oils to floss, or dirctly on abcess  usually By 3rd day, pain leaves

Essential Oils for anti-bacterial: botanical compounding action

Cayenne regenerates  

Syponifide action

V.  Use rubber tip on brush or tool to rub gums

VI. Floss 2 times daily

VII.  Swashing sea salt again

VIII. Apply Serum to area of inflammation as needed; removes infection, heals gum deterioration

Root canal: Infection; Ditch synsdyne, the gums have pulled away usually and shrunk the gum around enemal

Can be repaired by using details above

Q & A

1922 dential team found group With Vit D and no grains (oatmeal had cavity healed)  Whole grains inhibit nutrition to teeth

Coconut oil can be used as base for Serum -

Dentum attacked by peridontal can be helped thru Stem cell production (** )

Root canals - infection is below surface - use serum to better the results with the infection

Tooth brush cleaning - let dry completely between uses. Use Hydrogen hydroxide weekly to disinfect

Use Hydrogen perioxide only on occasion. Can destroy enamel - use with abcesses

Wild Child healthy gumdrops for children's taste 2.5 y/o'd brush teeth for them

Cilica - found in Homeopathic soap - or Horsetail Tea for products  Healthy Teeth & gum
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