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Feed The Tiger $10.00
Feed The Tiger

The auto-biography of James Tomasi. An Entrepreneur who spent 20+ years setting up businesses in 33 countries before encountering a spiritual entity.

"what time Tuesday""

PRICE includes s/h

James Tomasi's story of surviving "the suicide disease", Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN or facial pain) after discovering Upper Cervical Care. Includes poignant stories from people with various medical conditions including autistic or ADH

"what time Tuesday"" CD

Price includes s/h

James Tomasi reads his story of battling with 'the suicide' disease, Trigeminal neuralgia. TN is a facial pain that is incurable to many.

Wonderously Made $9.99
Wonderously Made

Jessica Jones, author of Ask for the Ancient Paths, shares the spiritual side of the Upper Cervical Chiropractic specialty and how it overcame her major health issues.

Allergy and Sinus chips $58.99
Allergy and Sinus chips

CieAura's Sinus Allergy Relief Chips help relieve symptoms and strengthen your body's immune system, specifically as it relates to sinus allergy reactions. 12 Chips per pack (one month supply) Chips can be worn for up to 3 days each.

USES:    1. Baby teething   2. Sinus problems   3. Seasonal Allergy's  4. Food allergic reactions

Cell Phone  EMF eliminator $41.95
Cell Phone EMF eliminator

Prostate cancer and brain cancer is now showing up in research done in 2007-2009. Studies connect the EMF from cell phones. This Cieaura chip is worn on the ear piece, phone and laptops to defer the radiation EMF's.  8 pr pkg + 1 ear piece.


Energy and Balance Cieaura chips $58.99
Energy and Balance Cieaura chips

CieAura PureEnergy plus Holographic Chips contain 200+ sound frequencies to balance and energize the body. 18 chips pr pkt intended for a month's use.  Read information here:  CieAura Science

* CieAura PureEnergy plus Chips are non-transdermal and absolutely no drugs are present; therefore, there is no associated drug hangover or side effects.


Pain Relief Cieaura chips $58.99
Pain Relief Cieaura chips

Pain chips have successfully worked on the following conditions:

Burns with blisters, Migraine head aches, Bulging discs, Sciatica pain

Dental work, Rotator cuff pain, Broken toe pain Read Science here:


Sleep or Rest Quiet chips $58.99
Sleep or Rest Quiet chips

Rest Quiet chips help sooth emotional outbursts, ADD/ADHD or sleeplessness issues. For sleep issues used by people on medications, 5-7 continuous nights use of 2-3 chips may be required to stabilize meridians.

Ave life: 3-5 days, used only at night. Reuse with tape or clear band-aides Chips to assist with sleep. 18 ct pkg Use only at night, and replace on paper next morning.


Sample Pkg: Pain, Sleep and Energy $12.99
Sample Pkg: Pain, Sleep and Energy

  • 2 - Pure Energy, for increased Balance, Energy chips
  • 2 - Pure Relief chips for Pain Easement
  • 2 - Rest Easy chips for sleep enhancement
  • Nice pkg, informational for sampling people who want to try product before purchasing full package


CieAura CX2 $68.99
CieAura CX2

CX2 High Performance Energy Pack - 2 Chip types!  One for Mental Clarity the other for Endurance.  Works good for fibromyalgia symptoms – enhances athletic performance.  Peak performance every time…compete at your best using both CX2 chips and give an Optimal Performance!



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