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Finland & Australia suspend H1N1 vaccine following injury to children

(NaturalNews) Shortly after Australia banned flu vaccines in children due to an alarming increase in vomiting, fevers and seizures caused by the vaccines, Finland has now suspended H1N1 vaccines due to increased reports of narcolepsy in children and teens. Narcolepsy is a nervous system disorder characterized by extreme fatigue and daytime sleepiness. It indicates a serious malfunction of the brain and nervous system...........

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Colic Remedies

COLIC The term colic is difficult to define, sometimes even having different meanings to different medical practitioners. The definition I use for colic is a condition consisting of frequent, prolonged (more than five hours daily) daily episodes of crying, lasting more than two weeks in otherwise healthy infants, usually less than three months old..........

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Ritalin has no long-term benefit for children with ADHD

The London Guardian reports that new research raises questions about the long-term effectiveness of drugs used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). A team of U.S. 

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Children`s Tylenol recall

Children's Tylenol and Other Drugs Recalled

The McNeil Consumer Health-care unit of Johnson & Johnson has voluntarily begun a recall of certain children's over-the-counter liquid medicines because of manufacturing deficiencies, the Food and Drug Administration said Saturday........

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Pain Pill Abuse Drives Rise in ER Visits

Prescription painkiller abuse is mounting, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Hospital emergency rooms are treating more than twice the number of cases they did a few years ago, researchers found. One of 
the most abused pain medicines.........

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Water contaminated by flushing Drugs

Five health care facilities have signed an agreement with the New York Attorney General's Office to settle charges that they polluted the state's watersheds by dumping pharmaceutical products down sinks and toilets..........

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